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Working with Horses on the Ground: Case Studies

During our 7th Warrior Camp® program, we were in the arena with 3 horses and 7 military veterans. This was day 4 and they had each been in the arena for 3 hours every day already, in different groups, and in private sessions. They had not fully come together as a whole and were struggling to complete tasks, working individually or in units of two or three. We decided to give them a task with the direction to work as a whole group. We asked them to move the horses from one end of the arena to the other, first in any way they wanted, and then with increasing difficulty: moving all horses without touching them or talking to them, then, in the final attempt, without talking to each other. As the horses were at liberty – un-haltered and free to move about as they wanted, this took some time, as one can imagine. It also required nonverbal communication, and teamwork.

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