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Clinical outcomes for each Warrior Camp® participant are carefully evaluated through validated assessment measures. This rigorous approach is taken to ensure that each participant receives maximum benefit.

Warrior Camp®

TRR is the ONLY organization that correctly targets Moral Injury as the key to ENDING Military Veteran suicides. Warrior Camp® is the ONLY program that directly addresses Moral Injury. MORAL INJURY is not PTSD. IT IS NOT A DISORDER. Moral Injury results from having been trained to override the intrinsic aversion to the taking of human life. It can also occur during combat operations, when one's actions and moral compass don't align. It is an ethical response. Working with it is crucial to facilitating warriors' transition from the battlefield to community. Healing Moral Injury in our nations' veterans is key to their survival.

TRR's Warrior Camp® - designated as a Military Service Provider by EAGALA - is FREE for Active Duty Military, Reserves, and Veterans of all eras - without regard to discharge status. Programs for First Responders are in development.

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