Training for professionals

Virtual and Live Trainings for Mental Health Professionals,

Veteran Service Providers and Veterans

TRR conducts professional trainings for Veteran and First Responder service providers, licensed mental health and medical professionals, equine professionals and yoga teachers. These Train the Trainers workshops are, in part, sponsored by our VA Adaptive Sports grant for equine therapy and yoga. Trainings are beig conducted virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic.

All in-person trainings are currently held at the site at which we conduct our Warrior Camp® programs. This provides our trainees an abbreviated encounter that mimics what the warriors experience during the week of Warrior Camp® 

During programs, all the modalities we use occur in the context of an integrated, community-based program. This is our approach to preventing suicide – by forming a tightly knit, cohesive unit of combat veterans, with a common goal of bringing each of them all the way home. Part of the community we form includes the clinical team and the support staff – alumni of programs who return to give back.

In our community we use the skills of attention and reflection – sharing experiences vs details which increases participants’ comfort levels. The things we focus on at Warrior Camp also guide the way we conduct our training workshops. Our philosophy is that warriors (and first responders) trauma happens to them in the context of a group, and so our workshops also focus on the following qualities that group work provides:

  • Building fellowship
  • Sharing common interests and goals
  • Developing camaraderie
  • Having a shared mission
  • Knowing people are there for you
  • Staying together

Yoga for Military Moral Injury© Repair

2022 Dates TBD

Are you having trouble engaging Military Veterans in your yoga classes? Or, do you have Veterans in class but are not sure whether they have PTSD or something else might be going on? Many Veterans are struggling with Military Moral Injury and not PTSD. Join us and we will show you how to see the difference, and what to do then. This workshop is a virtual experience due to Covid-19. We will teach how to engage military veterans and first responders – as a group – to address the challenges of service, and to repair relationships with family and community by focusing on Military Moral Injury repair on the mat. 

Herd, Tribe, Team

2022 Dates TBD 

Are you having trouble engaging Military Veterans and First Responders in therapy? Could this be because they train as units, squads and teams, and the idea of individual therapy is outside of their culture? Join us to learn how to move your therapy practice, agency work or equine program from an individual to a group approach. We will teach how to engage military veterans and first responders – as a group – to address the challenges of service, and to repair relationships with family and community.

Military Moral Injury© Repair and EMDR

2022 Dates TBD

This training will focus on the repair of Moral Injury in a Military population – what we are now calling Military Moral Injury©. This is to differentiate combat veterans’ Moral Injury from that of other groups that may be vulnerable to this response.

We will explain the difference between PTSD, Complex PTSD and Moral Injury from the perspective that Moral Injury is not part of PTSD and is therefore not a disorder. It is repairable, however. And the way that we repair Military Moral Injury during EMDR processing, requires an adjustment in the physical set up between client and therapist, the choice of BLS, and the assessment of negative cognitions.

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