Why Yoga?


Yoga is a 5000 year old practice that is known to have many benefits to the body, mind and spirit. Because it is inherently regulating to the nervous system it can help people heal from many types of traumas. Our nation’s military personnel who have served in combat zones are routinely at high risk for trauma. Yoga has the power to help them regain balance, both physical and mental, as well as enhance strength, endurance, discipline and a sense of purpose. The Department of Defense is well aware of the benefits of yoga, especially with regard to mental acuity and focus and has integrated yoga practice into complementary medicine programs on numerous military bases throughout the United States as well as on Landstuhl Air Base in Germany.

Here is a partial list of studies that have been done on the effects of yoga in a military population.

Effects of Yoga on Symptoms of Combat Stress in Deployed Military Personnel
Iraq Study Shows Yoga Warriors Method Reduces Symptoms of Combat Stress & Potentially PTSD
Mission Of Yoga Warriors

And some articles on yoga and warriors:



Some organizations doing yoga with warriors:


The Exalted Warrior Foundation facilitates a yoga instruction program that is designed for wounded warriors in military and veteran hospital facilities. Faced with the demands of both a physical and emotional recovery, yoga allows newly disabled veterans to reconnect both with themselves and their loved ones. Warriors with amputations, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries have benefited greatly since the program began.


Exalted Warrior Foundation Locations:
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
James A Haley Veterans Hospital
Portsmouth Naval Hospital
Brooklyn VA