Help Support Us

Since late 2013 we have been conducting TRR’s Warrior Camp® programs by renting facilities that have what we need – a minimum of 12 horses, and lodging for 25 warriors and staff. The largest single budgetary item for us is lodging – costing us from around 14,000 for the week. We need our own facility so that we can increase our operational tempo from the current 2 – 3 programs per year, to at least 1 program each month. This will also enable us to provide more trainings for veteran service providers and professionals.

To accomplish this WE NEED A FARM!!! And are working on purchasing over 200 pristine, secluded acres in New York’s Hudson Valley on which we will establish the first completely Green, sustainable and permaculture-based warrior and first responder retreat in the United States.

Warrior Camp horses

This means meeting all EPA standards for green building including solar panels, renewable energy, water efficiency, and plant and land conservation. We intend to lease some acreage to veteran farmers who will do sustainable and organic farming for us and for themselves. We will abide ADA standards.

John Blackburn, President and Senior Principal at Blackburn Architects P.C., works with us in the evaluation of existing facilities and the adaptation and design of our farm with an eye towards green building and historic preservation. John is a leader in the field of equestrian architecture and the co-author of Healthy Stables by Design.

We are in conversation with the Farmer Veteran Coalition, the Columbia Land Conservancy and the Hudson Valley Farmlink Network/American Farmland Trust and welcome anyone or group who would like to join our TRR Farm Project. Please send a note to our contact page.

Sponsor a Program – $30,000 per Warrior Camp®

Each Warrior Camp program is a week-long retreat for up to 12 combat Veterans. There is no cost to the participants and our staff is unpaid – all of our therapists and staff are volunteers. Any organization wishing to sponsor an entire program will be named as a major sponsor in all social, print and TV/radio media advertising as well as on our website.

Sponsor a Warrior – $2,500 per warrior

Each warrior’s food, lodging and treatment for a week costs us $2,500. Please consider being a sponsor for a specific warrior coming to treatment. You can also make a donation for any warrior.

Support TRR – Any amount

With an all-volunteer staff we are able to put the vast majority of our donations into providing as many Warrior Camps each year as facility availability allows. A donation of any size will have a direct impact in providing lifesaving therapy and aid to a warrior in need.

Other Ways to Give

Please remember TRR in your Will or Trust by bequeathing on your death cash or other assets to Trauma and Resiliency Resources, Inc.

You may make gifts to TRR during your lifetime of property, including securities, of most any kind, which have appreciated in value. This enables you to make a donation of the property, and take a tax deduction, at its full value without having to sell it and incur capital gains taxes.

For those over 70 1/2 years of age with IRAs who must withdraw, each year, a required minimum distribution (RMD), you can arrange with the IRA custodian to pay any part or all of your RMD, up to $100,000 annually, directly to TRR. This avoids the contributed amount being included in your taxable income at ordinary income rates.

Support with Gifts in Kind

Airfare, especially for pre-9/11 veterans, is always needed. Contact us if you can donate tickets, miles, credit card points or other items.