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TRR’s next webinar is on May 28th at 7:00 PM EDT and describes how Narrative Medicine is utilized during our Warrior Camp® programs.

This webinar differentiates Military Moral Injury© from non-combat related or civilian “moral injuries.” 

Why Azimuth Check? Azimuth is a quantitative measure of direction. The military commonly uses the term. “azimuth check” or “check your azimuth” to mean literally to check or verify your direction of travel while navigating. This is exactly what we focus on during every modality in our entire program; setting a direction for moving forward requires knowing where you are starting from.

TRR’s Warrior Camp® is for suicide prevention and trauma resolution. It is designed to heal trauma, prevent suicide, support force preservation and enhance resilience. We do this by focusing on Military Moral Injury as a core component of Combat Trauma.